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Water For People was founded in 1991 by leaders of the American Water Works Association in response to the world’s growing water and sanitation crisis. In its 26-year history, Water For People has consistently experimented with innovative models and tactics to facilitate quality water and sanitation services for long-lasting impact. Presently, Water For People operates in Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, India, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru to improve the quality of life for Everyone by supporting development of local, sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs that last Forever.

Through this vision, Water For People tirelessly works to ensure people do not have to struggle for days or months for basic amenities. Water For People’s goal is to end global water poverty and the sanitation crisis by bringing together local entrepreneurs, civil society, governments, and communities to establish creative, collaborative, and permanent solutions that allow people to build and maintain their own reliable safe water and sanitation systems.

Water For People-India Trust (WFP-IT) is a locally registered NGO organization, and is an arm of Water For People Global created in 2008 to operate programs funded by India corporations, foundations, and individuals. WFP-IT has the same vision and mission as Water For People Global, but their funding and Everyone Forever work is only in rural and urban slums in India.

Local Partners

Since January 2013, Molson Coors has been supporting WFP-IT in the Bihta block of Patna District and Everyone Forever program in Sheohar. A total of five new tube wells were fitted with hand pumps in Bihta, and three new ones have been installed and three defunct tube wells have been restored in Sheohar. Comprehensive water and sanitation facilities were created in one school in Bihta and one school in Sheohar, in addition to conducting intensive hygiene education and awareness activities across communities and schools.

With the support of TATA Chemicals, a SWASH project is being completed in the Haldia block of East Medinipur of West Bengal. WFP-IT partnership with TATA Chemicals began in January 2014 and targeted WASH programs in two schools. This project is implemented through an existing NGO partner of Water For People.

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How You Can Help

Donations via check:

Individuals/Companies can send in their contribution via check or Demand Draft / Pay Order drawn in favor of Water For People India Trust, payable at Kolkata to the mailing address of Water For People India Trust.

Cause Related Marketing (CRM)

We collaborate with partners for a defined cause, where a company can gift an agreed percentage of their collections from the sale of products/services as a part of their CSR initiative. The funds raised will be used for a specified program, and enhance the scope of our program initiatives.

Pay Roll Giving (PRG)

We collaborate with partners under a Pay Roll Giving (PRG) initiative. Under PRG, all the employees of the donor company or organization will be invited to share a nominal part of their monthly salary to support the cause of water and sanitation in India. The employees support can be amplified with a matching grant to showcase a donor company’s willingness to support and encourage employee giving.

CSR Direct Initiative / Intervention

We can also jointly work together under the Everyone Forever framework in the affected area. The partnership will be a direct intervention where the partner will be a key stakeholder in the program along with others, and will work for 5 years or more under an agreed budget.

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